Data Science

​​​​​​​By turning raw data into efficient insights, testing out and refining a wide variety of AI technologies we help our customers to create world-class mobile experiences for their users. Our Data-Science team is the front line of shaping what strategies business should consider in order to achieve optimal digital performance.

Our values



  • Build AI / ML solutions that our customers trust and value.
  • Strive for outstanding quality before, during and after deployment.


  • Never be constrained by past failures or status quo - be open to trying new ways of doing things.
  • ​​​​​​​Stay curious, bring imagination to all opportunities and break barriers passionately.


  • Actively seek feedback from customers and colleagues for continouous improvement.
  • Fail openly, never permanently.


  • Collaborate cross-functionally and connect teams.
  • Elevate your peers.

Why work at

Why Challenge, Team, and Impact It is a very candid and collaborative approach that allows us to use our passion for innovation and develop the first Unified Data AI company.  Find out more from the team!
I Choose everyday and They Choose Me! is the mobile standard and the trusted source for the digital economy. One of the main reasons that we have arrived at this point is that we have always invested in our AI/ML capabilities and have hired an extremely talented Data Science team. 
Developing Pulse in Kotlin Multiplatform At, we cultivate an environment where we innovate in people, process and technology. This culture encouraged us to build our latest mobile app, Pulse, in Kotlin Multiplatform.  Find out mroe and of course we'll tell you whether it was all worth it.