Meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations is the main ingredient when building a world-class product. Our engineering team sees potential in every obstacle and turns it into phenomenal solutions that allows our customers to take their mobile performance to the next level.

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Accessibility in a World of Premium Data & Insights Our product team has an operating principle, under Excellence, to deliver premium experiences to customers, stakeholders, and partners. Usability through color accessibility is a huge part of a premium experience.  Here at we do not want to leave any detail to chance.
Developing Pulse in Kotlin Multiplatform At, we cultivate an environment where we innovate in people, process and technology. This culture encouraged us to build our latest mobile app, Pulse, in Kotlin Multiplatform.  Find out more and of course we'll tell you whether it was all worth it.
Why Challenge, Team, and Impact It is a very candid and collaborative approach that allows us to use our passion for innovation and develop the first Unified Data AI company.  Find out more from the team!

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We are not only setting the standard, but writing history by building the first Unified Data platform. It's so exciting to be part of this team of talented pioneers.
Ramon Villain Santos
Sr. Manager, Frontend Engineering
Success is what happens when great planning meets excellent execution. At our aim is to build products our customers love and that we are proud of as we continue to build an iconic company.
Steve Soulsby
VP, Technical Program Management