Customers' success is our success, and that is what motivates us to push forward. Sales team is driven by going above and beyond customers’ expectations by helping them find solutions to revolutionize their business.

Why work at data.ai

Why Sales at data.ai?
Here at data.ai we equip our sales team for success.  We do this by living out our values through our operating principles!
Culture First - Adapting to the New Normal
Creating great experiences also means admitting that culture is not static. It is constantly evolving.
Innovative Benefits: Work from Anywhere in the World! Work should not be a burden on your purpose, it should be part of it! We decided to liberate our employees from location restrictions and let THEM decide where they do their best work.

Hear From Our Employees!

We are passionate ambassadors of a high performing go-to-market global team, designed to not only grow our company but fulfill our own purpose advancing our personal and professional development!
Mike Sadek
Global Director, Inside Sales
Consistent innovation and our products that stem from it keeps me excited everyday. I look forward to sharing relevant data across all digital channels - web, console, OTT, and streaming services -  to help customers make informed decisions for their success!
Michael Tai
Senior Account Executive