How We Work We are driven by our vision and high-performing culture.
Learn about how we work, our vision, and our high-performing team from CEO Ted Krantz and SVP of People & Business Technology, Remy Bleijendaal

Our Vision is the mobile standard and the trusted source for the digital economy. 

Our vision is to be the first Unified Data AI company that combines consumer and market data to provide insights powered by artificial intelligence. We passionately serve enterprise clients to create winning digital experiences for their customers.

Our Team

Our high-performing team consists of ambitious, driven and hungry team members from all over the world who share the same passion for building the future of AI. For us, what we do is much more than just a job - it’s a lifestyle. We connect and live out our vision with everything we do!


Purpose Driven


We are agents of change, driven by our passion for innovation and that is what pushes us closer to our vision in everything we do. Centering around our purpose and our hunger for new innovations is the foundation that allows us to grow and unlock the potential in AI.


Future of Work

A futuristic mindset, ambition, and passion are what our team is made of. We will never be office-centric again and we strongly believe this is how companies that drive to achieve excellence as the standard behave. We trust our employees to follow their passion no matter where they are and give them the opportunity to live their life on their terms. This includes our 90-Day Passport program where employees can work from anywhere in the world for a quarter per year. We care about your results, not your address.